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About Us

About Us

First let us take you back to 2004 where it all began…

In 2004 I started my work experience with my local tyre garage. At the end of the placement I knew this would be the job for me.

Tyres of Wight

In 2005 I applied for the job and after the Easter weekend started my first day as a paid tyre fitter. ‘The only way was up…’

I was asked if I would like to become a mobile tyre fitter, offering services at the customer’s premises, the roadside and dealing with breakdowns on the motorway. This sparked my passion and drive for providing a mobile service, being able to go to a wide range of places and tackling a variety of jobs. Every day is different and I really enjoy being out in the community whilst doing the job I love.

After the birth of our son in 2016, we chose to move to the Isle of Wight with intentions of making a dream reality.

Tyres of Wight began in 2017 and we embarked on a new and exciting chapter. My dreams came true!

This story has only just started… we can’t wait to see what the future holds! I am truly grateful for the ongoing support from all of our customers.
Without you and your recommendations, this journey wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you!

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